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Term Definitions

Enhance Your Trading Research

FlashSEC gathers the data to save you time and energy.

  • Dilution Activity and Share Offering Status: Dilution occurs when a company issues new stock.
  • Share Structure Information: Company's latest share structure including outstanding shares, float, authorized shares, and more.
  • Available Cash Status: Important health indicator of a company's financial system.

Only Pull The Data That You Need

SEC filings can be hundreds of pages long over many different filings and covered with obscure language. Our proprietary algorithms filter through all the noise and brings you the data you want fast.

Input your entire watchlist at once. FlashSEC will bring you the data from relevant filings faster than you can browse.

Information is Power

FlashSEC Company Search

Access research for multiple companies at once. Adapt as information changes, no more CTRL-F.

FlashSEC Live Feed

Get live updates of new filing drops, and even get direct email alerts from tickers in your watchlist.

FlashSEC Education

Get up to speed on relevant terms, and access our increasing knowledge base of blog posts.

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