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Industry leader in SEC filing automation designed to save you thousands of hours of company research
Empower your market edge with the latest insights into company dilution, share structure, and financial status directly from SEC filings
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Only pull the information that you need

with full traceability and transparency to SEC filings

FlashSEC gathers the filing information to save you time and energy on over 7,800 listed companies.

FlashSEC's proprietary algorithms filter through all the noise and delivers you the data you need in a flash.

FlashSEC visualizes the data from relevant filings on up to 20 tickers at a time from your watchlist.

No more CTRL-F through SEC filings

Tools we provide

Receive the information you need from SEC filings to enhance your trading research

Company Search

Get dilution activity, share offering, share structure information, and cash status in neatly displayed tables.

Live Feed

Get real-time updates of new filing drops, and receive email alerts for companies in your watchlist.


Get up to speed on relevant filing and dilution terms. Access our increasing knowledge base of blog posts.


Get programmatic access to data as JSON format. Integration into analysis workflows and trading algos.

Frequently Asked Questions

FlashSEC is an automated tool designed to save you time from searching through company financial data in SEC filings. Data points included are share structure information, financial information, dilution activity, and much more.

FlashSEC covers every single publicly traded stock that has SEC filings and we are not limited to small-cap companies.

FlashSEC operates 24/7 in real-time and does not leave you waiting for data and dilution updates which can be delayed up to 2 weeks from other sources not sourced direclty from the SEC EDGAR database.

Users are empowered to request data that they need on demand, and not left waiting for manual updates or missing information.

Yes, with FlashSEC, users can cut down their research time to seconds for over 20 tickers at one time.
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